Nevada Team Penning & Ranch Sorting

Team penning #9 and #6 sorting are Show 1 Qualifiers
(so that lower rated riders can qualify for the double show points)


Conrad Stitser has been producing local team pennings and ranch sortings
- as well as cutting events and working cow horse shows - for the
past seven years. His passion for team penning and ranch sorting is
evident in the quality events he and his crew put on.

His experience, in addition to his raising his own yearling cattle, enables
him to produce high quality events year after year.

Nevada Penning is looking forward to seeing you at the next event and
want to Thank You for your support!


** Special Note from Roger Ford **

Participate in the Reno Rodeo Team Penning and Sorting and you will be half way qualified for the USTPA finals. And the Reno added money is now more than $10,000.

Then participate in the Winnemucca Team Penning and you will be fully qualified to attend the USTPA finals in historic Fort Worth Texas October 5 -11. Letís team up in Reno, Winnemucca and Fort Worth.

For those of you that want to see Team Penning return to the west and for those of you that want to have an exhilarating experience at the USTPA finals, now is your opportunity.




  •      Open HC
  •      Open Shootout - Draw
  •      # 12
  •      # 9
  •      # 6 w/ 3 Inc
  •      Masters #10
  •      Youth Draw


  •      Open HC
  •      Shootout
  •      # 9
  •      # 6
  •      # 3
  •      Masters #8
  •      Youth Draw